Release Notes

Here is the FaçadeSignage release log. (24/03/2017)
	- Added Tutorials window
	- Added PlayCue action in MIDI
	- Thumbnail transfer optimized for local player
	- Installer will configure firewall for any protocol
	- Audio only resources in Playlists were muted
	- Flipping a resource with region discarded the source region
	- More robustness in asynchronous operations, less UI stalls
	- Fixed problems with hardware keys
	- Update dialog rewritten (19/01/2017)
	- Added choice for recording FPS in AVI movie creation
	- Removed VC++ runtime dependency control in panel
	- Fixed project import problem accross different volumes (14/12/2016)
	- MAJOR Update in Cue handling and timeline 
	- Cue playout can be scrubbed through time slider
	- Cue timeline options, each surface can define starting resource time and fading
	- Custom Cue durations and redesign of conditions and actions
	- Added new ShowControl panel
	- Added new MultiPlayer Cue panel
	- Redesigned Project Export panel
	- Added BlackMagic Decklink native grabber
	- Undo/Redo actions are now reliable
	- Faster connections in local and remote cases
	- Flash32 installer has been removed for obsolescence
	- Panel is now built with AnyCPU to favour 64bit machines (24/09/2016)
	- Removed temporarily Media Foundation grabber for instability on some Windows editions (09/09/2016)
	- MAJOR CHANGE Lite version now supports 1920x1080 resolution
	- TRIAL nag screen time is less annoying the first days of trial
	- NEW Swedish language support
	- Engine update to 2015 runtimes
	- K-Lite codec pack updated to 1125
	- New API and RPC library (breaking change) for HTTP / OSC receivers
	- Added single-string OSC commands
	- Information panel on player in EDIT mode is hidden when dragging surfaces and vertices
	- Handled crash cases when using Media Foundation video resources
	- Cue EndResource condition works even if resource is looped
	- Fixed some bugs related to remote player connection
	- Remote hostname not saved in panel configuration
	- Slideshow doesn't properly handle Cues with different masks
	- Wrong screen resolution is reported if DPI is not 100% (03/05/2016)
	- NEW Many PRO features are coming to the Standard version
	- NEW Application Grabbing, Epiphan native support are now Standard
	- NEW Added Media Foundation resources in the Video Input section
	- NEW MIDI Panel with routing and commands
	- DirectShow devices can now choose different input resolutions
	- Resources are now ordered by name in Media Resources tab
	- Added global Volume in faders, can be linked to opacity faders	
	- Volume is now working in WebResource too
	- Handled some Out of Memory exceptions in x86 builds
	- Fixed lost bindings in Region Tools between rectangle and textboxes
	- Playlist did not honor global audio mute
	- PowerPoint resource didn't work if file had spaces in filename
	- Remote connection could have some problems
	- Web Resources now are paused when switching Cues (05/02/2016)
	- Important memory leak in the UI caused crashes with many surfaces (19/01/2016)
	- Added media thumbnail picker directly in Region Tool
	- Region image visualization in listbox
	- More robust WCF connection between player and panel
	- Updated some libraries and packages
	- Finer handling of errors related to DirectX9, shaders and codecs
	- On Windows 7 text was white and difficult to read, now is black
	- Resources were not correctly paused/started in some transition cases
	- Shared surface options were not always updated in the dialogs
	- Region number was incorrectly numbered starting from zero
	- Thumbnail on last video frame caused an error sometimes (15/12/2015)
	- AlwaysOn option in resources to keep them running (disables pause)
	- In multi-monitor setups sometimes surfaces could get offscreen
	- Keyboard shift/ctrl modifiers could be wrong in some cases
	- Fixed cases of trial activation error (25/11/2015)
	- NEW PlayList resource for images and movies
	- NEW APIs to remote playlists and resources
	- Effects now have all parameters in Surface options dialog
	- Ready Resources option for smoother media transitions
	- Compatibility option to solve issues with YUY2 textures on some hardware
	- Audio mute/unmute button
	- Media operation now asynchronous by default for greater reliability
	- Improved Window Grabber for faster FPS and less CPU
	- Fixed masks could be distorted when using regions
	- Fixed Help window not being shown
	- Fixed Fn keys not working to call cues and sets from player window
	- Fixed regions resetted in cue after region modify
	- Fixed window displacement when DPI>100%
	- Fixed audio starting high (14/10/2015)
	- NEW Translated in 7 languages
	- NEW Updated Crop and Region tool
	- NEW Output to VideoClip (AVI)
	- NEW Live Faders window
	- NEW Desktop Duplication grabber resource
	- NEW PowerPoint live resource (experimental)
	- Support for Subscription licenses
	- Updated Window grabber resource
	- Maximum image size set per-image
	- Fixed non working automation commands for playSet / playCue
	- Fixed session timeout with HardwareKey
	- Fixed movie would play when added in global pause
	- Fixed crash using remote preview window
	- Fixed wrong indexes when moving Cues
	- Fixed deleted resources remained active
	- Fixed wrong regions when image size is limited
	- Fixed audio heard also when muted in Cue transitions
	- Fixed loops non working for audio resources
	- Fixed Cue timer wrapping
	- Updated installer for Windows 10 (22/04/2015)
	- HOTFIX: Control panel would not recognize license type (20/04/2015)
	- NEW Audio Resources playing in sync with videos 
	- NEW Virtual Screen to design for multi-monitor projects on a single screen
	- NEW Alpha channel videos, supported with uncompressed formats
	- NEW Loop in/out points for videos for each Cue
	- SlideShow Resource update with auto-region fit and random order	
	- Clone and Delete Project
	- Clone Resource
	- Audio volume
	- Quicker switches to/from live, edit and xray modes
	- Quicker UI updates
	- PNGs now always use alpha channels also with masks
	- Added support for non-standard jpeg extensions
	- Fixed not being able to play Sets when starting with None
	- Fixed visual cues not consistent
	- Fixed black Cue not pausing resources
	- Fixed Spout resource not pausing
	- Fixed not being able to switch to live mode with ESC
	- Fixed Slideshow non applying properties
	- Quicker live Opacity on surfaces (03/02/2015)
	- NEW Project management with subfolders
	- NEW Project export and import
	- NEW Undo/Redo feature
	- NEW Spout resource to grab any Spout-enabled sender (Standard Version)
	- Better mask manager
	- Redesigned and improved REMOTE player control
	- WebGL optimizations in Web Resource
	- "Solo" Surface to simplyfy direct manipulation
	- Up to 90 Cues can be called from the QuickPlay panel
	- Solved file corruption happened on rare cases
	- WMV hung the player when Set was rewinded
	- Fixed problems with Color/Mask on Bezier/Mesh
	- Fixed masks not functioning on regions
	- Fixed errating drag of surfaces (26/09/2014)
	- MAJOR optimization in video player, 80% of CPU time saved results in smoother video playback
	- Multiple points can be selected while warping
	- Updated Surface Properties dialog with Loop media option
	- Added crash detection dialog
	- Live preview now working at every screen DPI setting
	- Start time optimized for projects with many offline media
	- Restart of Set was not always synchronous
	- Saving the project to another filename did not update the path (15/08/2014)
	- Added "Last Projects" listbox in the Dashboard
	- Fixed problem with paths for some Web resources
	- Some panels remained disabled in Lite version
	- Support function to send report could generate exceptions (07/08/2014)
	- Fixed dealocks in player connections (04/08/2014)
	- Remote automation methods can be called to HTTP port 15000 on player machine
	- Connection to a remote player showed problems on some configuration
	- Effects disabled if shader compilation fails
	- More checks on Web resources not starting (17/06/2014)
	- Improved process for Mask editing and external editor
	- Slideshow crashing with a lot of images, improved performance
	- 8-bit masks and contents are automatically converted to 32-bit (02/06/2014)
	- Improved player performance with mp4 files
	- Minor bugfixes (28/05/2014)
	- New update system with package installer
	- Minor UI bugfixes
	- 32bit version had some problems obtaining video thumbnails (24/04/2014)
	- Enabled Set control with Play/Pause/Rewind
	- Slideshow was not advancing in some conditions
	- Filenames with special characters are handled correctly
	- Crossfades with same resources do not change opacity (18/04/2014)
	- MAJOR Release with a vast amount of changes and fixes
	- WEB Resources added, new Chromium core for offrscreen web rendering
	- SWF File resource
	- SlideShow resources
	- New realtime shader-based effects per surface
	- New Resource creation panel and handling
	- Surfaces can be locked
	- Masks can be edited or replaced in place, more options for templates
	- Start in Safe mode from the Panel
	- Reset surfaces by aspect and position 
	- Added support tab with log collection
	- DMX: multiple universes and surface banks
	- Runtime libraries updated to .NET 4.5, VS2013, FFMpeg
	- Help tab is now an individual window
	- Remote auto-preview
	- Change media works in remote
	- Time-limited licenses now fallback to trial when expired
	- Flip resource now works for Mesh warp types
	- Disabled auto-update without user confirmation when a new revision is found
	- Remote screenshot does not pause rendering process anymore
	- Player window-active time has been greatly reduced with progress message (15/12/2013)
	- NEW Multiply blend factor
	- TRIAL screen reduced during evaluation
	- More information on failed Player start due to antivirus
	- Better handling of DirectShow devices (29/11/2013)
	- Surface settings exposed in UI
	- Media retains aspect when added with surface or reset
	- Added upload Mask template from mask context menu
	- Added GDI window grabbing alternative to DWM
	- DMX Added automation for scale,rotate,vertices
	- DMX Set added to Professional	
	- Texture rendering with clamp to avoid edge artefacts
	- Bug which caused all masks to reset on change
	- Bug on increase/decrease mesh grid
	- High DPI: texts on textures  too big, preview disabled, player DPI aware
	- Scale and Rotate Surfaces with SHIFT or CTRL + Mouse Wheel
	- Change Media action to replace media file on existing resource
	- Improved performance switching between Sets
	- Notification color based on last message
	- DMX: automated surface warp, blend, position, play state
	- Some UI interface objects and images were missing
	- Updated to lastest XML libraries
	- Surface Blending modes (Add,Subtract)
	- Surface RGB Colors
	- Surface quick viewfinder
	- Surface settings, resource volume and mute, warp modes
	- New notification panel with player messages and errors
	- Copy/Paste of surfaces (CTRL+C CTRL+V)
	- ArtNet / DMX Receiver for Surface properties, Set opacity fade
	- Safe mode added to recover from broken resources (Window Grabbing)
	- Better handling of player critical issues
	- Compatibility with other countries and Unicode paths
	- Added Project new, load and save
	- Quick action to add Surface and Media
	- Corrected uncaught exceptions
	- Warning if rendering stalls
	- Japanese/Chinese/Russian, and in general western language Windows system should now be able to start the player
	- MAJOR UPDATE: Cues, Masks
	- Interface improvements, optimization and restyling: QuickPlay
	- Cue-based sets, with multiple fading animations with conditions and actions
	- Added user defined Masks to any surface
	- Resource groups filter in Set
	- Much improved remote players handling
	- Generalized AVI DirectShow filters
	- Resource thumbnails now refresh in realtime
	- Connection/update to players more robust
	- PRO,STD: Added DirectShow devices capture and preview
	- Update check in Panel
	- Problems with images at high DPI, now resulting in correct thumbnails
	- Corrected synchronization problems
	- Optimization for large thumbnails
	- Improved synchronizing speed between Panel and Player
	- Blue flash for save notification happens only when using keyboard
	- DPI independence (same scale level on every screen resolution)
	- Blank when starting set is "none"
	- Exceptions handled during quad drawing, saving, and missing resource formats
	- PRO: New Window resource, for realtime window output grabbing
	- PRO: New Grabber resource supports Epiphan framegrabbers
	- Mesh warping selected after Bezier will keep mesh grid
	- Help shortcut from the player on the panel (H key)
	- (in progress) support for YUV video grabbing color space for performance
    - player crash on startup when clicking on window
	- wrong duplicate of surfaces while copying sets
	- better cleanup of video resources
	- could not create subregions for images in some cases
	- better handling of remote players
    - CURVED SURFACES: bezier and mesh types   
    - Support for retail licenses: Lite,Standard,Professional
    - User interface update: new tabs and shortcuts on player pane
    - Improved media management and Library files under MyDocuments
    - Performance improvements in player, half waiting time when changing sets
    - Viewfinder to preview target monitor
    - Antialiasing startup option
    - improvements in installation/uninstallation
    - MAJOR update with lots of internal and experience improvements!
    - Direct editing clicking on panel preview
    - Create a resource dropping directly in the panel preview
    - Local player and panel is set to auto-commit changes
    - Mouse crosshair for easier spotting
    - lots of them
    - Player plays MPEG files correctly
    - Improvements in panel and player robustness
    - licensing system update
    - bug starting player from iPad
    - new auto-update system
    - new licensing system
    - updats
    - fixes