Remote Control

Control your players from another PC or an iPad  Standard PRO

Digital Signage solutions need a way to distribute media and control the application configuration remotely.
FaçadeSignage provides a client-server architecture which can be used in different scenarios:

Local installation, multiple screens

facadesignage_video_mapping_local_installation2 On the PC where the software is installed, you can use the main desktop screen for the control panel, and see the result of the mapping in the other screens.
This case is useful when using a laptop, or a desktop machine.

Remote installation

facadesignage_projection_mapping_software_panels3 This is the more general solution for remote PCs accessible through the network, usually found in events and retail stores.
 Install the licensed FaçadeSignage on the remote PC and start it in server mode.
 You can then use the control panel on any other Windows PC to control the player remotely.
 Use your local mouse to easily move and adapt the remote Surfaces, no need for screen-sharing software.

iPad controller

facadesignage_video_mapping_ipad_connector For the maximum simplicity you can also use the FaçadeSignage iPad Connector.

 You will be able to control a player running in the local wifi.
 Network auto-discovery.
 Add, delete, move and adapt Surfaces taking advantage of iPad’s multi-touch capabilities.

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