Multiple Projectors

Extend your scenario with Multiple Projectors  Standard PRO

Projected light is directional, therefore mappings can be created only where light reaches the physical object, the other sides remain in shadow.
What if you need to map every side of an object, in the front, on the top or even behind, creating vibrant digital sculptures?
This is possible, using multiple projectors.

This feature, which is usually found in more complex and expensive software suites, comes bundled with the FaçadeSignage software (Standard and Professional versions).

facadesignage_projection_mapping_software_graphicscard Most computers have at least two digital outputs that can be used in parallel, while newer and dedicated video cards can reach 4 to 8 concurrent outputs.
Each video output can drive a projector, which can be freely positioned in space in order to reach every side of the object or structure which needs to be mapped.

facadesignage_projection_mapping_software_store3  Extend the screen using Windows control panel.
 Start FaçadeSignage and create mapped surfaces on every screen independently.

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