External Input

Live sources in your projection mapping. PRO

FaçadeSignage has embedded support for Epiphan and BlackMagic Design frame-grabber devices.
Through these devices an external video signal (Composite, VGA, DVI, HDMI) can be routed to be used as a source media for the video mappings.


This way projection mappings can be composed of local images and videos, as well as an external source coming from another device.
Here are some case studies.

Realtime Video Effects

You can connect the video output of another PC running a realtime video processing software like Adobe AfterEffects.
Most software of this category is capable of creating a mosaic of composed images, FaçadeSignage can use the full output split in different regions and route it to the mapped Surfaces.

Cameras and DVD Players

If you need a straightforward way to input DVD content you can connect an external DVD player to the frame-grabber.
Also, digital camera output can be converted to VGA or DVI signals and streamed live on the mapped Surfaces.

Other Software

This is an interesting scenario if you have an external software solution, running on another machine, which produces a video output.
The output of the software can be used as video source for FaçadeSignage, taking advantage of the third party’s backend.
Learn more about this powerful solution, also using a single PC running FaçadeSignage and the Digital Signage software side-by-side.