Easy Setup

Create your mapping in 5 minutes

Setting up FaçadeSignage is a simple four steps process.

Step 1: Install the software

 Download and run the installer on your Windows machine.
 Choose a trial or purchased license.

Step 2: Connect a Projector

facadesignage_projection_mapping_software_tutorial2  Use your computer video output to connect a digital projector.
 Point the beam towards the objects or structure you want to “dress” with digital media.

Step 3: Create and adapt Surfaces

facadesignage_projection_mapping_software_tutorial4  Use a wireless mouse and keyboard
 Create the Surfaces you need and put them on the sides of the object.
 Adapt the corners to fit the object directly looking at the final result.
 You can also use the iPad remote control.

Step 4: Select and assign Media files

facadesignage_projection_mapping_software_tutorial6  Upload videos and images.
 Assign them to the Surfaces.
 Play the set.
 You can change media resources, also remotely, whenever you need it and without re-adapting the Surfaces.

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