FaçadeSignage 2021.1.4.1

If you have a 32 bit edition of Windows, you must download FaçadeSignage 32 bit version.

Trial Version

  • The installer includes a one-time 21-days trial license.
  • The application will check and install updates automatically.

Minimum System Requirements

  • Dual-core 2.0Ghz CPU / Intel i3, 2GB RAM<
  • Microsoft Windows 7,8,8.1,10, 32 or 64 bit
  • Intel HD3000/HD4000, 256MB VRAM (NVIDIA or ATI Recommended)

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Change Log

2021.1.4.1 (12/10/2021)
- Up to F12 key to call sets/cues
- Fix for AMD Radeon cards showing black textures
- Recompiled with flags to avoid false virus alert

2021.1.2.0 (10/06/2021)
- Standard license supports 4K resolutions (4096x2160)
- Added VSync startup option
- Added support for HAP codec (K-Lite codec pack)
- Added config parameter to suppress thumbnail retrieval (ThumbnailRetrievalEnabled)
- Updated K-Lite and various libraries

2020.1.0.0 (23/01/2020)
- Added ChromaKey effect with user defined key color
- Updated Mesh warping to allow easy selection/deselection of multiple points
- Fixed UI problems in Windows 7 when opening Surface Options window

2019.1.0.0 (09/10/2019)
- Updated libraries and dependencies for improved Windows 10 compatibility
- Performance improvements

2018.3.1.0 (06/10/2018)
- Slow UI performance in Playlist resource dialog

2018.2.2.0 (23/06/2018)
- Minor fixes on UI (confirmation dialogs sometimes won't open)
- Project list didn't refresh properly after project delete or remove

2018.2.1.0 (19/06/2018)
- Updated Window and PowerPoint grabbers for stability and performance
- Decklink grabber resource now allows choice of source video modes (auto is default)
- New Tutorials Window with dynamic content from website
- Minor fixes on UI

2018.1.0.0 (06/04/2018)
- New versioning, every version will be marked with the year of release and the incremental changes/fixes
- UI performance has been improved for Surfaces lists
- Refresh of thumbnails is not forced anymore at project start, faster loading times
- Region thumbnails didn't work if region was outside frame bounds
- Media resources panel lost the current selection
- More robustness for player connection (07/03/2018)
- Region Tool manual edit for coordinates and size was not working
- Slideshow would not loop after last slide
- Spout was failing in 32bit builds (18/02/2018)
- Media files can be imported to project file or left in their original location (default)
- Surface geometry can be copied and paste
- Added many PowerPoint options (convert to slideshow or controllable video)
- Slideshow have manual advancement option
- Show Control panel will list the controlloable resources that can seek index
- Added a "Chroma Black" effect
- Interactive seek is much faster and reliable
- Region Tool handles had a rounding problem at different zoom levels
- Fixed incorrect looping
- Screen native size is used for D3D backbuffer instead of DPI dependent window size (27/08/2017)
- IMPORTANT UPDATE: Fixed major memory leaked introduced in last version (22/08/2017)
- Edge Blending filter on any surface and edge with gamma and luminance
- Irregular poligonal regions for artistic videowalls installations
- Video export now supports audio and different MP4, AVI and MOV profiles
- Added API calls for surfaces and resources
- Upgraded shader model for higher performance and faster load times
- Added option to check for updates at startup
- Audio fade was not working with Cue Timeline
- Reported screen size is now always pixel perfect
- Restart Resources option could fail in some cases
- Client connection could fail
- Many compatibility and performance fixes (24/03/2017)
- Added Tutorials window
- Added PlayCue action in MIDI
- Thumbnail transfer optimized for local player
- Installer will configure firewall for any protocol
- Audio only resources in Playlists were muted
- Flipping a resource with region discarded the source region
- More robustness in asynchronous operations, less UI stalls
- Fixed problems with hardware keys
- Update dialog rewritten (19/01/2017)
- Added choice for recording FPS in AVI movie creation
- Removed VC++ runtime dependency control in panel
- Fixed project import problem accross different volumes (14/12/2016)
- MAJOR Update in Cue handling and timeline
- Cue playout can be scrubbed through time slider
- Cue timeline options, each surface can define starting resource time and fading
- Custom Cue durations and redesign of conditions and actions
- Added new ShowControl panel
- Added new MultiPlayer Cue panel
- Redesigned Project Export panel
- Added BlackMagic Decklink native grabber
- Undo/Redo actions are now reliable
- Faster connections in local and remote cases
- Flash32 installer has been removed for obsolescence
- Panel is now built with AnyCPU to favour 64bit machines (24/09/2016)
- Removed temporarily Media Foundation grabber for instability on some Windows editions (09/09/2016)
- MAJOR CHANGE Lite version now supports 1920x1080 resolution
- TRIAL nag screen time is less annoying the first days of trial
- Swedish language support
- Engine update to 2015 runtimes
- K-Lite codec pack updated to 1125
- New API and RPC library (breaking change) for HTTP / OSC receivers
- Added single-string OSC commands
- Information panel on player in EDIT mode is hidden when dragging surfaces and vertices
- Handled crash cases when using Media Foundation video resources
- Cue EndResource condition works even if resource is looped
- Fixed some bugs related to remote player connection
- Remote hostname not saved in panel configuration
- Slideshow doesn't properly handle Cues with different masks
- Wrong screen resolution is reported if DPI is not 100% (03/05/2016)
- Many PRO features are coming to the Standard version
- Application Grabbing, Epiphan native support are now Standard
- Added Media Foundation resources in the Video Input section
- MIDI Panel with routing and commands
- DirectShow devices can now choose different input resolutions
- Resources are now ordered by name in Media Resources tab
- Added global Volume in faders, can be linked to opacity faders
- Volume is now working in WebResource too
- Handled some Out of Memory exceptions in x86 builds
- Fixed lost bindings in Region Tools between rectangle and textboxes
- Playlist did not honor global audio mute
- PowerPoint resource didn't work if file had spaces in filename
- Remote connection could have some problems
- Web Resources now are paused when switching Cues