Please choose the version and the subscription type



1 Projector, Home use

Easy Mapping:

Unlimited Media and Surfaces

Unlimited Cues

One Set per Project

Output resolution 1920x1080


Multi Projector, Live Features

Lite features plus:

Unlimited Sets

Live input and Remote Control

Movie Export

Output resolution 3840x1200


No Limits

Standard features plus:

* Second Editing License

Live application grab

Advanced remote control

Unlimited Output resolution

Prices are excluded VAT or taxes.
*Second Editing License in Professional version available only in Lifetime licenses, can be used for development and not in final shows.

Number of Projectors
Unlimited Surfaces and layers
Unlimited Media files
Alpha Masks and Regions
Unlimited Cues
Unlimited Sets
Virtual Multiscreen Projects
Live Opacity control on Surfaces
Image Slideshow Resources
Web Resources
WebCam and DirectShow Resources
Spout Resources (Spyhon for Windows)
Static PowerPoint Resource
Live PowerPoint Resource
High performance Epiphan Grabber Resources
Application Window Grabbing Resource
High performance software Fullscreen Grabber
Remote Management from Network
Remote Automation (MIDI, OSC, HTTP)
Export output Movie (AVI)
Commercial Use (Business and Rental)










Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Monthly, Yearly and Lifetime licenses ?
You can choose between different subscriptions and a lifetime license.

Monthly Subscription: will enable the software on your PC for 30 days.
Yearly Subscription: will enable the software on your PC for a full Year.
Lifetime License: will enable the software on your PC forever.

Subscriptions are automatically renewed after 30 days or 1 year, you can cancel anytime before the next renewal.
All licenses can be moved to another PC (through deactivation)
How is the License activated on my PC ?
An activation code is sent by email right after you purchase the subscription or license.
You can activate directly in the software (an internet connection is needed during the process).
Can I license 1 month only?
Sure, you just activate a monthly subscription and cancel it before the next renewal date.
Can i use the same License on more than one PC ?
You can move the license to another PC only for Lifetime licenses and Yearly subscriptions, through activation and deactivation.
What if my PC breaks or gets stolen, what happens to the License?
If the PC breaks, you should be able to still access the machine or its HDD, please contact support to issue an activation reset.
If the PC gets stolen, we don't have a way to check, therefore your license is gone with it 🙁
Is there the possibility to have a Hardware License on a USB dongle?
Yes, for Lifetime licenses you can order a USB Dongle license, which can be moved freely on any PC.
The cost is USD 299 (shipping included).
What is your Refund policy?
Please check the Refund Policy page
Basically we can refund before activation, and up to 70% of the paid price.
You are invited to test the software using the demo version before any purchase.
Refund Policy
How are application updates distributed?
Updates are distributed automatically, your FaçadeSignage will check for any updates at the beginning and prompt you to download it.
Licenses always remain active accross updates.

Minimum System Requirements

  • Dual-core 2.0Ghz CPU / Intel i3
  • 2GB RAM
  • Microsoft Windows 7 or 8, 32 or 64 bit
  • Intel HD3000/HD4000, 256MB VRAM (NVIDIA or ATI Recommended)

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