FacadeSignage: the easy Projection Mapping Software

Video Mapping is gradually shifting from a technical and artistic topic to become a tool for any media agency out there.
We're proud to be part of this change.

Introducing TABULA FaçadeSignage, a novel Digital Signage solution: the most quick and easy to use Projection Mapping application for the Microsoft Windows platform.

So, what is Projection Mapping?

The concept is really simple: use a standard projector, point it at a physical structure and use the software to interactively “adapt” videos or images to any surface you want.
This way you can “dress” any object with digital light, and transform it to a stunning, special, flexible communication medium.

What can Projection Mapping do for you?

With FaçadeSignage you can “escape” traditional digital signage solutions, which are based on boring squared monitors, and create experiences that will make an impact on your customer’s attention.
Today you can achieve this effect with minimum effort.

How does it work?

Install the software and choose the media files you want to play.
Hook up a projector, start the player, and just use a wireless mouse to create surfaces anywhere.
Adapt them in real-time to your objects, simply dragging the corners.
Or, if you prefer, you can control everything with the iPad application.

Who is it for?

No need to be technical, or understand geometry mapping, just plug in a projector, create surfaces, assign media files and go.
This application is suitable for end-users, digital media and advertising agencies, marketing departments, system integrators or audiovisual professionals.

Do you need more?

If your objects have curved or warped surfaces, you can approximate them as finely as you need.
If you need to map any side of a complex structure, or create larger scenarios, no problem!
FaçadeSignage can drive any number of projectors you can connect to your graphics card, all at once!
For serial installations, like retail shops or exhibitions, you can remote control and manage many players from a single PC: you can use the control panel without installing anything.
Freely change digital contents remotely, upload new files, adjust surfaces without the need of extra screen-sharing software. You can also feed “live” video from any device, like media-players, TV Decoders, even Cameras! The software supports industry-leading frame grabbers.

Do you already have a video software or Digital Signage player?

Perfect! With FaçadeSignage you can capture those application outputs and use them as input sources, expanding your possibilities and integrating with existing back-ends and infrastructures.
All of this is possible, and more.

So, what are you still waiting for?
The world is out there for you to “map” it, with FaçadeSignage.