Wedding Cake Projection Mapping: Ready, Steady, Animate

The wedding can become not only a long-awaited celebration and the proclamation of true loving relationship but also a design masterpiece, the decoration and style apogee. But have you ever thought of spicing up one of the most important events in your life with something truly extraordinary and memorable? To make something outstanding, you need to think out of the box and a good way to do that is to enrich the common wedding elements with… technology.

Meet wedding cake projection mapping. The only way to make your wedding cake 100% unique and unrepeatable is projection mapping technology applied to wedding cakes. White wedding cake is a perfect canvas for motion pictures to be projected on. The idea is simple: you choose the video fragment or pictures and project this exactly on your cake to make it breathtakingly live! Express your imagination by choosing any visuals you want to animate the wedding cake and let your guests remember your event.

Use this cheat sheet for your projection mapping inspiration.

Top 5 ideas for wedding cakes mapping

  1. Fireworks. Animate your cake with colorful fireworks. Regardless the size of the cake, this sort of animation will make your guests stick to the live cake performance to see the beauty.
  2. Make it touching with the photo slideshow. This is the easiest way to make the projection mapping on the wedding cake: just create a short video with your best photos dedicated to the relationships you celebrate and map it directly to the cake.
  3. Purchase an exclusive visuals. Make it bright and exotic with exclusive visual effects created by professionals to make it amazing and unrepeatable. Use any video games (for example, monochrome Pacman or any other), or popular architectural compositions in HD to create an interactive expression of your individuality. The only limit is your imagination.
  4. Do tricks! For example, shoot a video of your cake standing, then add any motion effects in order to make it alive (for example, slowly spin every cake level into different directions on the video) and project the picture onto the cake and pause it. Then, at a very specific solemn moment, start playing the video to impress everyone with the wedding cake gone live and moving!
  5. Bring the colors by casting the cartoons to entertain or play your favorite film moments to enrich the ceremony with romantic, warm atmosphere.


Pro tip: to get the best sharp image on the cake, it’s highly recommended to use the white solid-color wedding cakes. Also, use HQ photos, pictures or videos to gain best effect from using the technology.

3d video projection mapping is an easy-to-use technology based on the capabilities of projection hardware. Just get the projector, install FacadeSignage, and spend 5 minutes (literally) on setup.

Voila! You just animated your wedding cake and made your event breathtakingly beautiful and unbelievably memorable.

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