Sets and Cues

When you start a Project, you are working in the first Set. A Set is a collection of Surfaces, each having a resource and a warp transformation. If you need to have different scenes in the same project, you can add more Sets. Each set will have a complete new list of Surfaces in different number and properties. This can be useful, for example, on stage when doing theatrical projections. The “Sets and Surfaces” panel shows a listbox where you can select the current Set for editing. Please note that the Set you are editing IS NOT related to the one playing, which you can see in the live information panel. In order to actualize a Set you must explicitly play it either from the "Sets and Surfaces" panel, or from the Dashboard QuickPlay section.

Every Set can have any number of Cues, and the first cue is always played by default along with the Set. If you add another Cue, you will notice that the Surface resources will be blank. You can then create a new media association for every Surface, as well as the cropping region. You can leave some Surfaces with unassigned resource, this way those Surfaces will not be shown in that Cue. As is the case with Sets, the currently edited cue is not related to the playing cue and you need to actualize it with the play button. Playing the Cue results in a crossfade transition between the two configurations of media files. The Surfaces without an assigned resource will be faded to black.

Cue Conditions and Actions
You can do more chaining them together with conditional actions. For each Cue you can choose a Condition and a resulting Action, this way you will be able to advance automatically, and also create loops. Conditions can be assigned based on the time Duration parameters, or the ending of a media resource (usually a video file). Fade times can be set independently, or you can choose to have a perfect Crossfade, which is the default option. If you need a video file to continue playing, without being rewinded on the Cue change, leave the Restart option unset. Cues can be copied, pasted and their order can be changed with the context menu on the Cue list. Like Sets, also Cues can be played from the Dashboard QuickPlay panel, where you will also be able to stop and fade the current Set to a special “Black Cue”, and resume the Cue operation whenever you need it.