How To Make a Sensational Halloween 3d Projection Mapping

Do you believe in ghosts? No one does, until you see the magnificent, the scariest and the most sensational visual experience made by three main components – projection mapping using FacadeSignage, Halloween inspiration and your own house or living room. That’s all you need to impress and to be impressed and frightened this year. Here is your roadmap of how to turn your Halloween into extraordinary and sensational projection mapping show.

Step 1: Find a Place

There’s no secret – scale matters. Ideally, you’ll need a front side of your house or any other building you want to use to impress your friends and all other people who passes by and can be potentially frightened by your truly exoctic self-made 3d projection mapping show. Choose the biggest area of your house to map the projection on it (usually, the front side) and make it alive.

If there is no huge house or building available, use your own living room to create indoor experience for everyone who enters. This is also super easy to do having FacadeSignage on board (but let’s keep it for Step 3). Have your kids ever seen real ghosts flying in their room? Yep, it’s time to show them the real Halloween.

Step 2: Get Visuals

All you need is to start googling in order to find “3d projection mapping demos” (and all other related phrase variations). Once you started, you will find a huge variety of 3d visual components to be used for you projection mapping masterpiece. From skeletons, ghosts and armies of zombies to bloody killers, vampires or huge window-size spiders and their full-house nets – there is simply no limit for your imagination. You can find and start projection mapping of absolutely anything you find the scariest or the most interesting.

Want freebies? Here are some to let you start experimenting:

Forget about mapping pumpkins or bats – there are definitely more powerful and potentially breathtaking visuals you can use for free. Imagine your house is being destroyed in real time into bricks with a dozen of armed zombies coming out of the ground and the bloody war begins. Support this with any warfare sound and there will be no neighbor willing to keep your screwdriver they lent last weekend. No, seriously.

Watch these YouTube videos to get inspired by magnificent artworks:

However, there is no obligation of what visual material to use. It can be anything from your favorite horror film to a set of complicated 3d demos with variety of frightening characters. Also, check the website of AtmosFX for inspiration.

Step 3: Install FaçadeSignage

How much time do you need to make the horror invade your house? Yes, 15 minutes, keeping in mind that the previous 10 you spent on surfing the web and downloading the app.

There are dozens of tools with 101 parameters you need to set up before you started mapping at least a home video you shot last summer. With FacadeSignage on board all you need is your willingness to impress all the people around with good quality 3d projection mapping right at your place.

It doesn’t matter what flat or house you have. With our software, there is no bad place for projection mapping: room of any size or an entire front side of your house – it’s up to you, it can handle anything.

We did our best to enrich our software with cutting-the-edge technologies to maximize the projection quality and bring the user experience to a new level. No more complexity – use your mouse to drag, resize or reshape the objects to fit any object and make it alive.

Step 4: Wait the evening and call the spirits

It’s always better to do projection mapping in the evening to gain maximum effect and there is definitely no limits for your imagination, so go crazy and add a little bit of drama: set everything up and don’t turn it on. Wait until everyone become impatient and curious, pretend that everything is not going to happen because of the dark troops came from the underground and then… run the show. Be sure – your kids will love it, friends will respect you and your gray-haired (oops!) neighbors will hate you.


Download the app, hook up a projector, choose demos (or any other media files you want to play), click & drag the picture to fit any object in real-time, make yourself a coffee and enjoy: the Halloween has come and you’re fully armed to rock!

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