Make Your Christmas Memorable With Projection Mapping

A Christmas decoration is hard. Especially when you are a man and there are at least two (your wife and your kid) people, who start begging a month before to have ‘something special’ this time and you have no clue what to invent to finally stop this annual madness.

No, we don’t think you’re lazy or not creative, we just think there are plenty other things you’d love to do than to spend time on choosing what color should Christmas balls have. If you have a solution for this time – don’t read this article, superhero. If not – welcome to the world of projection mapping, you decoration fresher!

What is Christmas projection mapping?

If you’ve never seen a miracle, it means you should create one by yourself and this year’s Christmas is an ideal time for it. Try projection mapping to create outstanding experience on your house.

The plan is simple: grab the app, download visuals you like and start Christmas projection mapping right away. Yes, this simple. We hate spending hours on setting up the options and killing ourselves with another version of mapping software that, actually, should do one simple thing only – high quality projection mapping. This is exactly the reason why we’ve created FacadeSignage, being up and running in 5 minutes:

  1. Install the software;
  2. Plug in a projector;
  3. Choose the visuals you want to use;
  4. Point a projector at your house and let the miracle come in.

What visuals to choose: never repeat your neighbours!

Christmas deers and Santas in snowflakes are totally okay until there are no neighbors around you using the same pattern. Don’t let your decoration become one more boring light show with default winter demos. Stay creative and unrepeatable.

The easiest way to avoid duplication of your neighbours is to download the visuals that are NOT on the first page of google search results. Usually, people spend less time on searching and use the very first demo they find. We thought about that in advance and surfed the web in order to find something special for you to let you spend less on googling and more on actually decorating. We know, do no thank:

Tips & Tricks to have a Top Christmas Projection mapping this year

  1. Don’t use one footage only. FacadeSignage lets you choose a number of visuals to create a unique pattern with different motion pictures on one single surface.
    Use the flat surfaces (such as garage doors or walls) for such visuals as movie clips or still images and use 3D motion on all others and less flat sides. This will let you have the best quality.
  2. Your projection doesn’t need to be boring or 3D only, so be creative! What about creating a set of motion pictures from your favorite Christmas comedy movies or cartoons? We bet your kids will love seeing their favorite colorful cartoon heroes on the house in full size!
  3. Add some personalization. Shoot a video to wish Merry Christmas to everyone who’s passing by your house.
  4. Don’t forget about the sound. Everyone is going to have some music on background, so don’t do the same. Cut the lines from movies or record any voice – yours or your kids’. It’s all about interactivity and catchy dynamics, but not boring well-known ‘Jingle Bells’ on a background.

Now you know how to make your Christmas decoration memorable and engaging. Still unconvincingly?
Check this to get inspired:

Merry Christmas!

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