Augment your Space, with video mapping.

FaçadeSignage is the easiest projection mapping and media server software on the market.
Use a PC and one (or more) projectors to “dress” any physical object or architectural structure with digital media.

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Create your first mapping in 5 minutes

FaçadeSignage lets you create projection mappings and installations in a matter of minutes.
Draw surfaces in realtime on the projected area, assign media files, and go.
Your show, party, building projection, is just some click away.

Project on any shape with unlimited layers

Map anything, from simple flat surfaces to complex, curved or irregular shapes.
There is no limit on the number of surfaces and layers you can create.

Crop and mask in realtime.

Combine warping with alpha masks to adapt to any shape, use any image editing application and apply in realtime.
Create multiple cropping regions for any media.

and much more...

Easy to Setup

No need to be technical or understand geometry mapping. Just plug in a projector, create surfaces, assign media files and go.

Multiple Projectors

Use your graphics card video outs to drive any number of projectors. Build complex scenario in minutes using your wireless mouse.

Remote Control

Manage single, small or large installations from a single Control Panel. Use built-in client-server mode to control the players from any PC.

Play Any Media

Feed videos, images or live content to surfaces. Use sub-regions to create stunning synchronized experiences.

Take advantage of the novelty of projection mapping in your events,
shops, showrooms, fairs, museums, theatres, conferences, lobbies...
And do it the easy way, with FaçadeSignage streamlined interface.

Download Nowwinlogo_whiteWindows

FaçadeSignage Interface